Eagle Property Inspections provides professional mold inspection, mold testing, and mold detection services.  Eagle Property Inspections does not perform remediation or construction of any kind, therefore, there are no conflicts of interest for our clients.  Our mold testing services focus on determining type of mold growth, the existence of indoor microbial growth, and the airborne concentration of mold spores.  Lab testing provided by Reservoirs Environmental Laboratory, Inc.


Types of laboratory samples we recommend to test for mold:

  • Air samples: ambient (microbial spore concentrations in the air that you breathe)
  • Air samples: wall cavity (spore concentrations inside of a wall or ceiling cavity)
  • Surface samples: (swabs, chunks and pieces of bulk material, tape lift)


Our mold samples are sent through the proper chain of custody, to REI Labs

Client’s are provided with a full, easy to understand lab report.

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